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After I was diagnosed with a serious bowel disorder, I could tell that I needed to do something about the problem. After talking with my gastroenterologist, he told me that I would need a colostomy, which would mean that I would also be reliant on medical supplies. Fortunately, I was able to find great medical supplies and equipment that made the process of keeping myself clean and healthy much easier. This blog is here to help you to understand what to look for when you shop for medical equipment so that you can save time and money. Check it out!


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Four Essential Accessories For Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs provide the mobility that people with disabilities or issues with movement need, but there are also a host of accessories available that can make your wheelchair do more for you. Use this guide to see which electric wheelchair accessories can help to make your life easier.

Totes And Bags

Totes and bags that attach to the arm of your wheelchair provide easy access to essential items, such as your smartphone, wallet, and housekeys. They come in a number of sizes and styles, from simple pouches to multi-compartment bags. Look for a bag with zippered or snapc losures to keep your items safe, and place the tote on the side of the wheelchair next to your dominant hand for added convenience.

Joystick Covers

Using your electric wheelchair outside during rainy or snowy conditions can be a challenge. Exposure to water can cause your wheelchair to malfunction, but a joystick cover can help to solve this problem. These covers slip over the control on your wheelchair and have room for you to place your hand inside. You can comfortably maneuver your wheelchair without having to worry about rain or snow damaging the electric components. The covers can be removed when not in use, and they can be folded neatly away in your wheelchair bag or tote.

USB Power Adapters

You can charge your mobile device or computer using your electric wheelchair with the help of a special USB power adapter. This simple gadget comes in handy if you use a laptop or smartphone to assist with nonverbal communication. The compact design plugs directly into your wheelchair, and it can be easily removed when you don't need it. Consider purchasing and adapter along with a wheelchair-friendly smartphone mounting kit or laptop tray so you can easily use and charge your electronic devices.

LED LIght Kits

If you venture out at night, you may want to think about adding LED lights to your electric wheelchair. You can add small flexible LED lights that act as small flashlights to illuminate the path in front of you, or you can invest in LED rope lighting for your wheelchair's tires to help make you more visible at night. For a more traditional alternative to LED lighting for visibility, you can also add reflective lights to the back of the wheelchair. These lights are similar to the ones you see on bicycles.

With the right accessories, you can enjoy more freedom and safety while keeping convenience right at your fingertips. Consider these options for your wheelchair, and look for other accessories you can use to further customize your mobility aid.